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aus4ever wrote:

Peter Jonas wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

There are at least 3 options that DPR can consider:
1. Get rid of the TU/TD system entirely.
2. Get rid of TD and keep only TU.
3. Keep both but show who cast the TD vote.

I think I can safely assume you are also annoyed by the TU/TD system.

It is not my intention the defend or support the existing system. Either way it does not bother me at all.

I do have some difficulty understanding what it is that is so upsetting about it to some.

By the way, have ever given a TD to anyone?

Sorry to disappoint you, I am not annoyed by the system. I am just not convinced that it is working.

I am not dissapointed, but I read your previous post wrong. It's never safe to assume. Sorry.

Perhaps DPR can confirm that, I do use TU a lot, but so far I have used neither the TD nor the Ignore button. I intend to keep it that way.

That is very generous of you. No need for anyone to confirm it. Your saying so is perfectly fine. I am not conducting an investigation. I am just interested to find out how others are using the system.

I think you should know that given your rather heated exchange with the OP, you are on the list of suspects. ; )

I cannot help but to think that way too. I was even in two minds about posting here. In the end I decided to do so, because I had voiced the same opinion on a number of other threads long before this discussion started.

If the OP asked me if I was one of those people bullying him with all these TDs, I would tell him how it is. Unfortunately, the OP has all to often thought that I have cheated, so for him my answer may not have much value.

When I felt strongly about a post I have given some TDs to posters. However, I am also on record for coming clean with my reasons for it if anyone questioned why they got those TDs.

Yes, I have have had some heated exchanges with the OP. I feel though, that I have played a major part in calming the heat of these exchanges, not allowing things to totally get out of control.

When I entered the discussion in the thread that later turned out to be the most heated exchange the OP and I had, the OP already had had a few TDs, and he complained about it too on the trhead. I declared then, that I had not given him any TDs on that thread. After that, it was clear (at least to me), that I was not going to give him any on that thread, since I was involed in a direct exchange with him, and there was no reason to do anything anonymously.

I generally use the TD/TU system to indocate my opinion in an indirect way when I do not want to get directly involved with the discussion. I have given TDs when I thought something was factually wrong, but I have also done so on occasions where I just thought the idea conveyed was unreasonable or downright outrageous.

Actually, the first time I read the guide lines for the use of the TU/TD system was just a few hours ago on this thread. Now I know that TDs should only express an opinion if the opinion is that the post is not contributing anything to the discussion. So I have to admit that some of the TDs I have given may not have been in complete accordance with those guide lines, yet, I do not feel I have abused the system.

This also the reason I do not take the TDs and TUs too seriously. Even if it is a popularity contest I do not mind. TDs do not offend me at all, nor are my TDs intended to offend anyone else.

That is just how I see it.

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