I am an idiot

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Salim Guzeyer New Member • Posts: 22
Re: I am an idiot

fft81 wrote:

Just got d800 in mail today. Popped the 24-70 on it and fired off couple shots. And... as the moment of truth came and I looked at the result i saw crap. Absolute and utter crap. I then looked at the shutter speed at f/2.8 and saw very slow times. I scratched my head and started cursing, thinking that the camera is useless. This is my 1st FF body, so i was thinking 36MP FF has crappy sensitivity. After calming myself down i realized that by default camera is set to lowest ISO possible... ISO 50. After bumping it up to 800 everything works as expected, but since now i know for sure that i am an idiot, i think that learning to use this camera will be a very loooong yet fun experience.

I wish they kept the Full Auto mode for idiots like me...

Maybe a point and shoot camera is a better (!) alternative.

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