Does the D3x hold any advantage in performance or usability in comp to D800?

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Re: Does the D3x hold any advantage in performance or usability in comp to D800?

anotherMike wrote:

The way I see your situation is actually quite simple: Get the D800 (or better yet, the 800E)

Why? You've spent quite a bit of money on all that Zeiss glass. Get the body that will actually let you see why you spent that money. As it stands now, you might put that fancy glass on a D3X and do really well, but someone with a D800E will do better. The extra resolution matters to those who look at the finer details and subtle aspects of things, and while getting everything "out" of a D800E takes a bit of effort, IMO it's worth it - and I just don't see why someone like yourself who probably does see the subtle things (or you wouldn't have spent all that money on your lens collection) would want to take third best (given I think both the D800 and D600 have better files than the D3X) right now. Just doesn't make sense to me. The extra processing time and disk requirements will long be forgotten once you start working magic with a D800/D800E file. Just one mans opinion. Good luck with your choice.


Mike, what would you say to the comment made in this thread of someone trying to claim the colour on the D3x is "better" than the D800, AND the IQ! Seen this mentioned a few times. Talk about nonsense!

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