Does the D3x hold any advantage in performance or usability in comp to D800?

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Re: All I know is

backayonder wrote:

That unless I make money from my photography, I just can't justify upgrading to a D800.

I think that 36mega pixels is an overkill when I feel that my D200 and D300s still take great pictures.

I prefer. How can I explain this honest pictures with a raw edge to them. All I am seeing from owners of the D800 are HDR type images which I am not a fan of. Each to their own I don't want to start a war, if that is what you like then so be it.

You aren't looking hard enough. There are many producing brilliant work. Check out Spencer Brown, stunning work with the D800 and a bunch of Zeiss primes. Then have a look at Moving comfort on here who is using alot of AF-D primes on the D800 and producing great results (dispelling the myth that old lenses cannot cope on the D800), then have a search on google for D800 landscape photography - some very talented folk out there. To generalize and think everyone is mainly producing HDR images is odd. Look further than this forum for a start. I wouldn't dispute the D300's ability to take great photos. No one is saying that. But the D800 is state of the art presently. Saying that, I won't upgrade next time as I have what I want now. Even with the D700 I felt limited by the dynamic range, I used grad nds constantly, now I just shadow pull and get everything I need, even into the sun and the colour produced by the sensor is incredible, AF better, resolution higher and it has video.

There is a thread elsewhere on this forum featuring mono images from Iceland taken with a D800, some taken at night they are excellent, no noise. That is where I can see why a D800 comes into it's own, low noise, low light. I just don't get this expensive camera being used to take plastic HDR images with no soul to them.

I'm sure your D3X will just do fine.

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