I messed up DOF again. Please help a G3 user.

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Re: I messed up DOF again. Please help a G3 user.

geejay101 wrote:


for the umpteenth time I am coming home and have to discover that the photos I shot have not enough DOF and are not sharp where I wanted them to be sharp.

I bought the G3 to get a viewfinder (getting farsighted) but still it appears that I am misjudging the sharpness.

An example. In the following photo I wanted to get both plants in he foreground fully sharp. Failed miserably.Which steps should I have taken to guarantee full sharpness across the plants ?

I would be extremely grateful if you could share your tricks to get it right.


When you want to get two things in the image in focus, make sure that they are the same distance from the camera. In this case, this would mean moving your camera position around to the right. However, since the plant on the left is quite deep, front to back, from that angle, you would be unlikely to get it all in focus.

An alternative would be to concentrate on the plant to the left in which case moving the camera around to the left would get it all in focus. Of course the plant to the right would then be out of focus.

Choices, choices...

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