Does the D3x hold any advantage in performance or usability in comp to D800?

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THANK YOU ALL! (and some clarifications)

Thank you for your thoughtful replies. As almost always, it will end up being a decision based on subjective values.

This is my situation now:

I have a D700 which is close to final call, I've had it repaired (shutter mech) and changed rubber grips twice, controls are worn out and over all it's worn. Sure it can work just fine for another few years, but it just as well can blow up tomorrow.

So I'm buying a new camera not only to upgrade, but to keep me running. The logical decision is to get the next D700 (the D800) or take advantage of all the used second best bodies out there (d3s - which hasn't dropped much in price or the d3x or even a better used D700).

People ask (almost provoked) why I feel 24Mpx is enough, but 36 too many. Well, first, I don't crop, or crop very moderately (call me dogmatic). Second, I don't print huge, so larger files is simply another way of saying slower files. There's always the argument that computers nowdays are so fast and memory so cheap. Well, it adds up! A new computer isn't cheap (for me), new memory cards aren't cheap (for me) etc. Also, with the D800 I'll need to buy a new type of card to use the dual slot!

The D3x is larger, however I will need a vertical grip making the D800 both more expensive, larger and heavier!

Hm, whichever way I go, I'll be uneasy.

And all this because they couldn't make a moderately resolution D800 instead if that monster

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