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Joe Huckleberry wrote:

Is it true that you lose AF with the teleconverter and this lens?

No and yes.

When Nikon guys say that the 105 VR won't AF with TCs, they mean they do not ensure it will work in the whole focusing range and under all lighting conditions.

In good light the AF will work with TCs, but in scarce light and at close distances (where the effective max aperture of the 'naked' 105 VR is no more f/2.8 but goes down to f/4.8), they can't ensure that AF is still working 'properly'. Hence, they declare 'officially' that the lens won't AF with TCs.

That's all.



P.S.: here and here you can see a couple of pictures I took - using AF- with D200 & 105 VR + TC14E. Those nice critters loved my house

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