experience of 500mm f/4 II and 600mm f/4 II...?

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Re: experience of 500mm f/4 II and 600mm f/4 II...?

I have the 500II (and also the 500 I which I haven't sold yet) and the difference between the two feels enormous side by side to me. While I could handhold the old lens, the new one is much easier for my mainly handheld use and was the right choice for me. I think the main difference is that the centre of gravity of the new lens lies closer to the camera so you can hold it at a point closer to your body. The old lens is much more front heavy by comparison.

I've used the 600II albeit briefly and there's no denying its' massively lighter than the old one and like the 500II, the initial impression is that it feels a lot lighter than you'd expect. Hand holding is very doable if you were able to manage the old 500I, but it's a bit more difficult due to the extra length to support. Like the old 500, if you occasionally handhold but mainly use at least a monopod, it's a great option; If you mainly handhold then for the average user, the 500II may be a better choice. Either way they are both superb and I get pretty much prime lens quality with a 2XIII at f8 on the 1DIV (light permitting).

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