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Focusing with a smaller target : a how to and some comments

alatchin wrote:

I sold off my a850 and Sony/Minolta lenses when I saw the OMD file quality. I havent regretted it yet, and the accuracy of CDAF is a real bonus, I just want a smaller AF box in the "pro" camera.

You are aware that you can get a way smaller AF box than the default one when using the Zoom AF feature ?

I use that option most of the time : when used at 14x zoom factor, the target becomes really small. I agree that then you loose all your shooting info on the display.

But here is how I find easier to work :

I access to the magnifier through the multifunction button on Fn2, where it is the default function (the one activated with a short pressure).

With one pressure, the target shows up and you can move it with the arrows keys or resize it with the subdial; a second short pressure will bring the magnified view; then you just need to focus, either with a Fn button, or with a half-release pressure. I'm using the Fn1 button with the grip and the Rec button without the grip. I have the AF/AEL button set to mode three (separating AF and AEL).

A long pressure will bring you back to normal view (the one you had before activating the magnifier).

Two short pressures on the Fn2 button (magnifier) will zoom you directly into the target and it will have the same position and size as at the time of the last activation.

You can make it very effective : one short pressure on the Fn2 button brings the green focus target up, one pressure on the Rec or Fn1 button focus and one long pressure on the Fn2 button and you are back in normal mode.

I tend to keep the AF target always on the center point, using the target and reframe technique (see lower why).

All this little fingers dance can become quite intuitive, although I prefer the way it worked with the E-P3 : first the two Fn buttons were standing next to one another and fell right under my thumb, while their positionning on the E-M5 is a little awkward for me.  Last but not least, the wheel surrounding the four ways controller was allowing a very fast positioning of the green target box, while the use of the mushy arrows keys of the E-M5 is a pain, I don't understand why both wheels are used to resize the target and none will move it.

Of course if the usual target showing up with the shooting info was smaller, it would be much better, no need for that fingers dance !

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