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Mark_A wrote:

I have been using a 50mm f1.8 with Kenko extension tubes, I am interested in a more convenient way to do macro than that. DOF is an issue, it is pretty minimal with the tubes and at handheld shutterspeeds.


DoF depends on magnification and aperture (f/) only (it depends also on the sensor size, but I'll neglect this). You'll not gain any advantage by using a macro lens instead of a normal lens+extension insofar as DoF is concerned. Even the focal length does not afect DoF in close-ups (what affects slightly DoF is the pupillary factor, which is a consequence of asymmetric optical schemes).

In other words, low DoF values are not due to the use of extension per se, but for the consequent increase of the magnification.

A longer lens (i.e. a 105 mm) will allow you longer working distances. A longer "macro" lens will allow you obtaining both larger WDs and better IQ at close distances.

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