IQ difference between 1Ds II and 1Ds III ?

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Re: IQ difference between 1Ds II and 1Ds III ?

Michael Todd wrote:

Sven Jonsson wrote:

In an earlier thread an owner said to me that the viewfinder is an improvement as well.

Did you try batterygrip with the 5d mk III? I wouldn't rule it out that fast.

Yeah, I know, but they didn't have a vert. grip at the shop. I felt like the grip of the 5D 3 was pushing into my knuckles in a weird way. It just felt odd. Maybe I have odd hands or something.

Once you have the 1D series, it's painful to go back to the small camera + vertical grip, it's not just the size,  it's the shape and build quality and the seamlessly integration of the 1series that makes the big difference, I had the VG on the 5D2 a while back, man, that was painful when shooting with my 1DS2, 1Ds3 and D3 side by side but I really need that for HD video sometimes but finally gave it up.

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