Lets talk resolution !!

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Lets talk resolution !!

So I am interested in some thoughts from others here. For some time, I was deciding what to upgrade to, coming from an a33. I had to decide between either another sony upgrade (still have 4 sony lenses), or another brand. Thing is, my sony options seemed like they had noise issues. At the pixel lvl, the a77/a65 had much worse noise than the 16mp versions. I was initially against higher rez but after downsampling the 24mp files, they are remarkably even.

I ended up going with pentax (noise was important to me), as many here know already, but I revisited this idea as the future K3 is rumored to be 24mp. Comparing cross brands is inaccurate as that alone can cause differences in noise and IQ, so I also compared the D4 and D800. The nikon comparison (downsampled to an even 16mp) was also very close, although a hair farther apart than the sony gap. I have to say that such a downsampling would only be necessary with very high iso, and low iso shots will have an advantage of more rez for details. The thing is, it seems the downsampled files end up slightly sharper than the native files, which means after NR evening up the noise, the sharpness would also be close. So I guess, to me, it seems there is no real downside to higher rez, as far as IQ is concerned.

So here is my question. IS THERE AN ADVANTAGE OTHER THAN FPS OR SMALLER FILES, TO HAVING LOWER RESOLUTION? I do have one idea to bounce off your minds here. I have heard many times that FF don't suffer as soon from diffraction when stopping down, because their pixels are generally larger. So with a lower rez sensor, such as 16mp apsc vs 24mp apsc, does that allow us to use smaller apertures without diffraction affecting IQ? This may seem like a small advantage but for non action shots when shutters are not important, and when wider DOF is preferred, this is very important. But, does it outweight higher rez for something like landscape?

Feel free to offer your opinion, all are welcome.

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