Battery drain with D800?

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Re: Battery drain with D800?

I still use a trick I learned when using my Canon G2 a million years ago: I take the battery out unless I'm shooting.

This prevents inadvertent on-switching during camera bag jostling. (this hasn't been a big problem, but I have often forgotten to turn the camera off before dropping it in the bag).

Additionally, it just bugs me that when the camera is turned off I can still get  "shots remaining" data on the LCD display.  This must mean that someone is constantly scrutinizing the memory card(s) for available capacity, analyzing the returned data, and presenting the results to the LCD screen.  Doesn't this draw power?

I've also noticed that the through-the-lens-to-the-viewfinder image is greyed out when I pull the battery. When I re-insert the battery, even with the camera "off," it becomes clear again.  I have no clue how this works, but doesn't it mean that the viewfinder is using power merely to display a clear image -- even when "turned off?"

Similarly, when the camera is "off," inserting the battery flashes a "thumbs-up" from the green LED located near the Info button.

This is information I don't need when I'm sleeping, eating, flying, driving, setting up my tripod, etc.  I think it better to give the camera a deep sleep than keep it on constant standby.

So I keep the batteries elsewhere.  When it comes time to pull the camera from the pack and set up my gear, I put them in my pocket, so as to warm them -- warm batteries perform more efficiently.

When its time to starting squaring up possible shots, I insert a battery.  It may have lost some of its charge over the course of a few days, but at least it hasn't been powering the camera's computer and viewfinder 24-7.

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