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Re: I am an idiot

fft81 wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:

Hi Greg, if you use A mode, won't it still change exposures slightly on you between frames?

Thanks, Ernie Misner

By "A" he means Aperture Priority, not Auto. So he sets the aperture and camera adjusts shutter+iso. By using manual ISO he basically forces camera to adjust only the shutter.


Aperture priority is still something of an "auto" mode i.e. the camera's CPU is automatically selecting the shutter speed . It simply allows the photographer to concentrate solely on the appropriate choice of aperture for creative reasons. Great for times when the lighting conditions are prone to change, for example coming out of a dimly lit church interior to bright sunlight.

I don't shoot many panoramas, however those I have we're taken using full manual. If I were to use aperture priority I would use the AEL button to lock the exposure (plus any compensation) based on the brightest detail I want to retain.


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