Can an old dog learn new tricks?

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Re: Can an old dog learn new tricks?

AShimon wrote:

Kevin Jorgensen wrote:

My question is directed at people who've gone over to Apple. For a while now I've been considering moving over to Apple. I hated Windows Vista and I don't like the look of Windows 8 so perhaps now is the time to jump ship. How big is the learning curve? I have Elements, DxO Pro Optics/Viewpoint, AVS Video Converter and a few other programs, I like to surf the net, listen to music, am into Facebook and FlickR and like to watch the odd video. I travel a bit and like the weight and battery life of the Apple products. Am thinking I phone, I Pad and Macbook Pro. Advice appreciated.

Like anything, the learning curve depends on what you want out of it. From a consumer standpoint, Apple products are very easy to use. They are somewhat limited in what is made readily available to the end user (insert 'walled garden' statement here).

That said, late model Apple computer users can bootcamp into Windows 7, and probably soon into Windows 8. So if you require windows it is still an option for you.

The Macbook Pro is an excellent option, but I would go one step further and get the Retina display Macbook Pro. Some people wane about lack of user upgradability, but I have found it to be a non-issue. I currently use the MBPr with 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM and have no gripes. I use a 1TB outboard USB3 Hard Drive for my storage needs, and use the Thunderbolt -> Ethernet adapter for network use. I also have a 24" monitor at home for more screen real estate. Plus the portability of a mobile, high-resolution workstation when not at home.

I currently use Win7 in bootcamp, and I also use VMWare Fusion 5 to use Windows while still in OS X. It does have some limitations while in virtual mode, such as limited graphics and computing muscle. If I need those in my Windows environment, I simply boot over to Windows.

The one caveat to my glowing recommendation for the Retina is the graphics solution. I would like just a little more graphics power for my gaming habit. Though I am hearing rumblings of Thunderbolt outboard graphics solutions. So we'll see.

Good luck with your transition.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it. I'm going to Australlia for 12 months sometime next year so will change over while I'm there and can get Apple support.

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