F4 is not F2.8...some thoughts

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Re: F4 is not F2.8...some thoughts

And $1400 is not $2400, and 0.84kg is not 1.54kg.  Different lenses for different applications and budgets.

IMO this now gives anyone looking at 70-200 option three good choices.  I had a chance to use a 70-200 f2.8 a few years ago and was mightly impressed, but no way could I afford the price.  My only other option at the time was the 70-300, but I would have looked very closely at this f4 version if it was available.

You might argue that this lens doesn't give you much over the 70-300 (worth the ~$800 extra?); I'd argue that, assuming image quality is better than the 70-300, that the f2.8 doesn't get you much except one stop of aperture, but you cop a large size, weight and price premium (worth the ~$800 extra?).

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