Are all DSLR bags out there fugly? Looking for suggestions.

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Re: Are all DSLR bags out there fugly? Looking for suggestions.

I've recently been introduced to the Kata camera bags, but no matter which brand you go for, make sure you see and try out the bag in person before buying

After having studied the Kata website (, I had decided go for either their MiniBee-110 or Bug-203, both from their Pro-Light collection. However, as I had not previously heard a lot about Kata bags (there are plenty of blog and YouTube reviews if you search for them) I went to shop to check them out

Although I was very impressed with the two bags in question I ended up buying a different Kata camera backpack; the BumbleBee-222 from their Ultra-Light collection. The reasoning for this was:

- the Ultra-Light backpacks have an upper compartment for "personal stuff" where the Pro-Lights are focused on carrying camera equipment

- the Ultra-Light is very light, however the Pro-Light are not exactly heavy

- last but not least, the comfort factor. Due to being of a "bigger size" the MiniBee and Bug backpack didn't feel as comfortable as the larger backpacks. The BumbleBee-222 is quite a large backpack, but it fits my back size/shape perfectly, and is very comfortable, even when fully loaded

So from my experience, no matter which brand you go for - the best advice I can give is to try before buying



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