Refurbished D800 + 24-85 lens

Started Oct 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
garyhgaryh Contributing Member • Posts: 551
Re: Refurbished D800 + 24-85 lens

rockjon wrote:

I think my only problem with it is that I read somewhere that the warranty on the refurbished D800 is only 90 days. I would prefer if Nikon backed it up with a 1 year warranty in case anything else goes wrong with the camera.

I just bought a d800e about a month ago and if this deal was available then, I would have jumped on it, but there are two things that bother me:

1. warranty period

2. what you going to do if you get one with the left focus or 10-pin issue? Sending it in and all the back and forth will eat up some of the 60 or 90 day warranty.

In the end I feel better having a 5 year warranty on my camera, esp with the d800/d800e! The camera is new so most of the problems are being ironed out (still).

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