At what shutter speed is a tripod needed for a D800

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All the factors mentioned here come into play, but one of the most important factors is operator performance. In my youth (I'm in mid 60's now) I did a lot of long range rifle shooting (300 - 1000m) and one of the most important things for accuracy is controlling one's body.

Slightly off-topic but what rifles do you prefer for 1km shooting?


The one I used was a 7MM mag (much recoil) using 158 gr Sierra Hollow point boattail bullet because of its great ballistic coefficient. We always loaded our own with various powders (some burn faster and have more chamber pressure, some burn slower). We didn't have the fancy chronographs for muzzle velocity they have now, we just kept notes on which combo worked best. Most others shot some form of the 30 cal. I expect that things are a lot different today equipment wise, at least we had an adjustable trigger. I got out of the shooting thing about 35 years ago. I used a Sako (Finnish rifle). No real varmint/target rifle, just a production field grad that I glass bedded myself.

Here is a link to a site:

ps.  I used the free recoil technique...Kinda scary and occasionally rugged at times with the 7mm.

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