Epson 4000 trouble shoot help

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Epson 4000 trouble shoot help

For you experts out there!!!
I picked up an Epson 4000 and new stand for $150 that I had wanted to use as a parts unit.  Then I saw that it had less print jobs on it than the other 4000 I am using. I decided to clean it up and see what it could do.

Of course the magenta was clogged.  So here is what I have done so far:
Cleared the clog at the ink cart port.
Cleared the clog in the ink line.
Cleared the clog at the print head input.
Ran cleaner through the print head.
Primed the damper when putting the print head back together.
I get perfect test prints of the other colors but not magenta.

So I replaced the damper as suggested on another forum.

Primed it with ink drawn up from the ink cart.

Ran cleaner through the print head,

Primed the print head with ink just to be sure.

Ran a clean cycle from the maintenance menu.

Get perfect test print on all colors except magenta. Every once in a while i get some color but mostly it is not printing.

I don't want to give up on it so is there anything else I should look at?

Also, how does the print cycle work on this printer?  How does the ink move from the cart to the print head?  Is it pressurized at the ink cart or a vacuum at the print head?  I was thinking of swapping one of the working color lines with the magenta line to see if the print segment start working or not.

Test print from last run.

Thanks for any info.


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