Which one is the least discussed 4/3 (AF) lens ?

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Re: I noticed that too

dave gaines wrote:

Funny thing, at least one thumb down is from the OP, who has taken an offensive & verbally abusive tone with me several times recently.

Nope. Try again.

I value your input in this thread just as much as I believe your position on the topics we discussed in the other thread was narrow minded, lacking any solid logic and based on personal subjective discontent rather than calm thought. An opinion which I made clear and which I stand by. I don't need anonymous childish instuments to play with in unrelated threads to make a point.

If you really care and wonder about thumbs down votes - you might want to look in the direction of people who value Trevor's position in the other thread.

While I've been in this forum for years, I don't write that often. I'm not that much known. Thus, when you and your pals ganged around me in the other threads in the previous days, no one noticed.

Thinking that the same will work in Trevor's thread might have come to bite you in the ar$e this time. Maybe the lack of reaction in the other threads left you with the illusion that everybody shares your extreme views on the matter discussed. Too bad that was not the case.

In any event - that was a different topic, and my position on it is clear. As I said, I value your input in this one and thank you for it. Long story short - you might want to reconsider the presumption that you're always right.

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