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Re: Seems a bit strange..

Nolock wrote:

I was joking. the concept of "forum justice" reminded me of "freeway justice", where the dude tailgating you roars past at mach 2 the moment you pull over, only to get nailed by the cops a quarter mile up the road...

jm67 wrote:

Nolock wrote:

forum justice... swift. brutal. merciless..!

It's tough to sympathize but at the same time try to not come off as harsh. I know I've done some bonehead things in my life. It's a bizarre situation so it's hard to believe and yet somehow want to give the OP the benefit of the doubt. In either case, it's a shame that someone would (if true) risk so many thousands of dollars worth of equipment on a once in a lifetime excursion by saving a few measly bucks on a few batteries. Maybe testing out the equipment before heading out on the trip of a lifetime would have been prudent too?

But I also offered real advice and that's to do nothing with the dead cameras and shoot with the remaining one assuming he brought chargers and can continue to use the original canon batteries. And do not let some camera shop potentially ruin your cameras worse then they are already even though you're ready to chance it. Did you get the OK from your company that bought these? Can the company send your parts or fed/ex new bodies?

I sort of suspected so.

Though, it seems like a good tagline for an action movie.  Hmmm, Sly is too old, Arnie is retired and even Bruce is getting long in the tooth.  Who can deal out forum justice?

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