Said Good Bye to my Canon 5D MK II today.

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Great Bustard wrote:

SLOtographer wrote:

Congrats! I like having both FF and m43, but can see the allure of sticking with m43. The EM5 appears to be a landmark camera. It has raised the bar to the point, with good glass, that it meets a wide range of photographic needs.

Well if I had cash, and EM5, I'd be tempted to go with one of the magnificent 7 lineups.

Plan 1: 12/2, 17/1.8, 25/1.4, 45/1.8, 75/1.8, and 150/2.8 plus a macro, flash, batt grip.

Or Plan 2: 7-14, 12-35, 35-100, 100-300, two bright primes, macro, flash, batt grip.

That echoes my thoughts exactly, as I'm kinda in Chris' situation right now, and am debating which way I'll go. Have to say that Plan 1 greatly appeals to me (I shoot all primes on FF), but feel that Plan 2 would be the better choice for most.

Question for Chris: if the 5D3 had the D800 sensor (or even the D600 sensor), which way would you have gone?

I still would have gone for the om-d.

The  Sony sensor they're using makes hi iso less of an issue compared to Oly cameras of days gone by. But, the main reasons for going with the om-d are the weight savings (I can carry the om-d in a messenger bag along with ALL my lenses, and it's still about same weight as the 5d2 and kit lens) and features (eye detect focus when doing portraits, 9fps, etc etc). The loss of slightly shallower DOF is a small trade off.

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