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Re: NEX-7R wishlist

Nexographer wrote:

I know, we just got a firmware update for the NEX-7.

And it indeed removes the magenta cast in the corners when I use my SEL 16mm. But the solution for the movie button disable is kind of inconvenient, having to dig deep in the setup to enable the menu button everytime I want to do a movie clip. Also still didn't get comfortable using the TRI-NAV even after almost a year of using it. So, if Sony came up with a NEX-7R with the spec list below somwhen next year, I'd be in for it.

Would like to know what you guys think:

- Put in a sensor with same excellent color reproduction and dynamic range as in the current 7, but without any wide-angle lens issues. If it can't be 24MP, make it 16.

- Fixed mode dial, with C1, C2 options as the alpha 99 has

I prefer the Tri-Navi, but I would like custom settings and faster response time changing settings.

- PDAF that is as fast as Nikons V1, and works at least down to f/8

Agreed.  Not a deal breaker for me, but it would be nice.

- Higher flash sync speed and a little more flash power (GN10)

• 1/4000sec native flash snyc. Not HSS.

- Dual SD card slot

No room for it now, don't want them to increase the size just to accommodate a 2nd card.

- dust and drip water sealing

fine, but it's not an issue for me.

And how about a high quality, fixed f/4 16-70 or 15-60 with OSS...

Agreed.  I'd like to see a 16-80/2.8-4 OSS Zeiss.  but I'd also like to see a 16-200 F3.5-5.6 OSS (it would have to equal my 18-200 OSS in IQ though.)

Other things I would add:

• Add built-in Wireless Flash Commander (via pop up flash).
• Fully electronic shutter (silent operation, bracketing).
• Touchscreen LCD.
• 1/8000sec max shutter speed.
• Selectable Grid lines: Golden selection, Golden Triangles, etc.
• 720p @ 120 or 240fps.
• Video crop as in Canon T3i.
• A flash PC sync port (or a dirt cheap adapter).
• 1/3rd stop ISO settings.
• 10fps for minimum of 60 shots (6 sec).  And an ultra fast clearing buffer and as the buffer empties, still allow full operation of the camera.

That ought to do (for now).  If they add, all this, I might upgrade.

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