Shame on you Nikon!

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Re: Shame on you Nikon!

Nikonfan99 wrote:

Shangri La wrote:

Nikonfan99 wrote:

.... And as a pro you should already be cleaning and testing your sensor before a important assignment.

PLUS in the middle of the assignment you routinely clean the sensor every hundred shots, or 10 minutes, and the event/wedding is going to pause for you, as you yell 'hold on, my camera sensor is getting dirty and let me clean it!'

Yes your commets show how educated/smart you are on this topic. First off, the speck of dust would not bring a wedding to a halt. Secondly this thing called editing lets you use "all them fancy tools" to get a small spot off if it was such a concern. I dont shoot a lot of blue skies and white walls so maybe it may impact your shooting since you probably do a lot of that. Also us country folk dont shoot too many events at f16 with them blue skies. We shoot regular common folk pictures that hide them tiny specks. Please move along with your nonsense.

Mr genius you dont worry about the oil spots because in the weddings/engagements you shoot brides dont dress white. When shooting landscape/dawn/dusk you can take your time to clean oil spots too because you can always add those lighting conditions in post. And obviously you haven't read about people getting oil spots at f/5.6. I'm done with this type of fanboism. Happy cleaning.

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