IQ difference between 1Ds II and 1Ds III ?

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Re: IQ difference between 1Ds II and 1Ds III ?

Hello Michael,

I myself is in the same situation as you. Have the 1Ds II and the 5DII and has been with Canon since the first 1D. I could have bought a 22500 click 1Ds III for USD 2500 but didnt. Why?

The 1Ds III is older than the 5D II and specwise is very close to the 1Ds II. It makes much more sense to buy the 5D III or wait it out a year or two and buy new.

Today Canon is nowhere near reaching the level set by Nikon, since Canon has stuck with their old way of producing sensors. The closest are the 5D III and the 1D4.

Soon Canon has to change production setup to meet new standards set by Nikons D600, D800 and D4. But it will take time.

What do you think about the battery for the 1Ds II? I improved the battery with a change of cells to 10 newest AA Eneloop Crown marked cells. The work splended in minus 19 celsius and even after heavy use for a hole day with more than 1000 pics and use of IS lenses, its still full with all indicators. If you take a part one of the batts, its pretty easy to change batts. Use a soldering iron:-)

Kind regards


Michael Todd wrote:

I currently shoot with a pair of 1Ds IIs as my primary cameras. I really like them. Unfortunately, I'm feeling myself getting a little bit of new camera lust. The 7K for the 1D X is just not justifiable. I tried out a 5D3 at a camera shop yesterday. It didn't feel right in my hands--the grip hit my fingers in a funny way. I was completely lost trying to select focus points, as was the salesman--no sale.

I tried a 1Ds III a year or so ago on a few sessions, and thought the LCD and battery were big improvements, but didn't see any real improvement in IQ over the 1Ds II. The menu changes reminded me a lot of the 50D, and I've got a few of those, so that wasn't a big deal. I really didn't find the larger file size to be a big deal either. The 1Ds IIIs were selling used for $5000+ then, so it was a no-brainer--no sale.

Now, the used price of the 1Ds III has come down to the lower $2000s, so it's quite tempting to pick one up.

My question is, would the improved LCD and batteries be the biggest difference?

Are there tangible differences in IQ that I didn't see in my tests?

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