Which one is the least discussed 4/3 (AF) lens ?

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Re: Which one is the least discussed 4/3 (AF) lens ?

goblin wrote:

Just a little brain teaser for everyone. I've seen a lot of lenses discussed here throughout the years, but there are quite a few I've never seen mentioned.

So give your two cents:

1) What is (are) the 4/3 lens(es) which YOU have NEVER seen discussed/mentioned here ? (like - if it has been mentioned - you missed it).

The ZD 17.5-45, ZD 18-180 and 35 macro seem to seldom come up for discussion.

2) What is (are) the 4/3 lens(es) which you think has(have) gotten the least attention ?

I seldom see discussions on the ZD 150 or the ones mentioned above.

3) What is (are) the ZUIKO 4/3 lens(es) which you think has(have) gotten the least attention ?

Same as above, but them I seem to focus on the Zuiko lenses personally. I don't see much discussion on the 8 mm fisheye either.

4) Which 4/3 lens do you think should have deserved more attention ? Why ?

Several of the lenses produced by Sigma and other 3rd party lens makers. They can offer a unique perspective, and many of the shots shared are very nice indeed. As for the Zuiko line, most of the SG series, as those are the staple for many with the 4/3 system.

5) Which one did you want to see released, but never saw it happen ?

I had not heard about the 100 mm macro, but that would be something to see and use.

6) What is your white whale ? Which one would you like to see forgotten at $99 in that dark pawn shop around the corner ?

Only the ones where I really blew the shot, but then maybe I should be in the dark pawn shop around the corner, but $99 might be too high an asking price.

Note: SHG lenses need no apply here. It's well known we all dream of them, so let's agree that we want all of them more than anything else, and keep it more exotic with what's left).

I just purchased my first SHG lens, the 7-14, and welcome any and all insight and experience into that or any of the SHG lenses.

Note 2: All 4/3 lenses count, those in production as well as those no longer in production

Note 3: AF lenses only, or at least - lenses with a dedicated exif chip from the factory.

To start, here's my take:

1) Sigma 300-800mm.

2) Sigma 18-125mm, Sigma 18-50mm 3.5-5.6, Sigma 55-200mm.

3) Zuiko 8mm Fisheye

4) Somehow I think the Sigma 10-20mm slipped through the cracks. Yes, 9-18mm is there, but still.

5) Olympus: A 400mm 4.5 or 5.6.; 80mm. Sigma: would have loved to see the 8-16mm in 4/3 mount.

6) The Sigma 300-800mm, indeed.

Your turn


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