Anyone planning to migrate to Windows 8 on a desktop or notebook/laptop

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Consider this photographers

Here are a few of my thoughts about running Windows 8 on a desktop workstation for a Photography enthusiast.

If you are like me you have a setup that includes:

  • Dual monitors
  • Color calibration hardware / software
  • RAW photos

Photo apps like Lightroom or Nikon View

Windows 8 has some nice advantages over Win7 for this environment:

  • Windows 8 is generally faster. Boot much faster, file copy a bit faster, USB 3.0 is more reliable then in Win7
  • Multi-mon taskbar - The Win7 taskbar only covers the 1st monitor. In Win8 is covers all monitors. This is a BIG productivity improvement once you get used to it.
  • File explorer improvement around Copy and Ribbon are really useful. The preview pane is better, metadata, ratings, tags are easier for me to access.
  • All my Win7 software works flawlessly, including Lightroom, Spyder, Nikon apps, etc
  • There is a new Microsoft Camera Codec that was just distributed this week in Windows Update to Win8 that includes RAW image support in the explorer, photo app, etc. It supports my D800 and most other formats. (Even on WindowsRT ARM backed tablets...)
  • Almost forgot!  Win8 Saved My Bacon last week.  I took about 100 photos for a project and started to Crop and tweek them for about 2 hours.  Then due to user error, I totally Fubar'ed by Lightroom Catalog.  I thought I had lost 2 hours of work!!!  But I had enabled the new  "File History" real-time backup feature.  It had a 15 minute old backup of my 400 MB catalog, and I restored it in seconds.  I saved hours of work.

Considering the upgrade to PRO is about $40 you don't have much to lose.

And the Start Screen is actually pretty handy. I can put a number of news, weather, stock, photo, facebook tiles on it and that info is just updated like a live ticker tape. I don't run the Metro apps on my desktop very often, but the Live Tiles are pretty useful.

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