Why JPEG is not an option for me.

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Re: Why JPEG is not an option for me.

coaltrain wrote:

Just curious - you mention Adobe getting together with Fuji about the raw files.

Does Adobe have the only raw editor available?

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No, there's RPP, SilkyPix and Adobe in the Mac side. I believe there are a few more in the Win side. I'm an Aperture user and the XE-1 caused me to look at the 3 Mac choices. They all have their pros and cons. Where I'm at now is either Adobe Bridge and ACR with SilkyPix available when ACR just does not get me there with the few xp1 raf files I have to play with. Or Lightroom, again with SilkyPix available.

SilkyPix is actually rather nice. Runs fine on my aging iMac. A cluttered modular interface but it's simple use learn, simple to use and actually does very nice editing. The issues with ACR are supposedly color bleeding and smearing on foilege. I have some xp1 files I'm playing with until the xe arrives with some highly intricate lines of color running though a darker background. Absolutely no color bleeding in either Adobe or SilkyPix. I'm not a landscape photographer. While I would noteither any of the apps crisp, they are good enough for the little foilege that gets into my shots.

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