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Great! And what about us? Is Nikon going to really do something or they have sold a bunch of defective camera that they are not able/willing to fix for good that we will have just to keep with the so so adjustment they have made to hide the problem with more or less success???

Think that a loss battle...


In the same day's comments on TH site he also says that he has seen enough repaired by Nikon now to show they do, currently, have a repair for those with the AF issue.

"At this point I'm 100% certain that NikonUSA knows how to get a body to where it should be if it does have misaligned AF sensor information."

At this point I can tell you that it is 100% certain that Nikon does NOT have a clue on how to fix the AF issue. I just picked up my D800 yesterday from the repair center and it is worse now than before I took it in. The left AF now is acceptable at the expense of the center and right AF, just to give you an example, I fine tuned the center with a +20, with the 24-70mm @ F/2.8 24mm it still front focus by 2 cm at a distance of 40cm. Needless to say I am devastated, it is the third time I been there for the same problem.

Today I was driving around and saw a camera shop, I stopped went in, spoke with a salesman pretending that I wanted to buy a Nikon D800 and a 24-70mm F/2.8, he mounted the lens on the D800 on display and handed it to me, I told him that I preferred to use my own CF card so that I could examine the pictures at home.

Took about 40 pictures at various FL including 24mm F/2.8 at about 4 feet with center, left and right sensors. Came home put the pictures on my computer screen and it also had the left AF issue just as bad as mine. To this day I have handled three D800, with S/N several thousand apart, all with the left AF issue, I have yet to see one where all sensors work acceptably, I have read on this forum that they do exist but, I have not seen one yet.

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