What don´t you like about Einstein E640?

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Re: What don´t you like about Einstein E640?

Jay Brookstone wrote:


1. Relatively Fragile plastic case and electronics (LCD, etc.)

2. Stand mount is so short (just a stub) that it does not allow full range of motion with softbox/octabox/PLM attached (cannot point down very well) due to interference with stand. Must purchase optional Buff "mini-boom". No such problem on Travelite's.

3. Cannot use modelling lights on full power with some accessories (smaller softboxes, octaboxes, snoots, etc) or unit will overheat and shut down. Must use at half power. New units have improved cooling which may help.

The news Einsteins came now with two lamps the original 250W and new 150W.

4. Fan noise.

in October 12, 2012 they have lunch the Version 30 firmware update includes the following:

  • Allows the fan to be controlled by the internal temperatures of the light. The fan will run at slower speeds at cooler temperatures and higher speeds as the light warms up.


1. Exceptional combination of low weight, small size, high output, for a monolight. VERY handy on location shoots, especially when used on a hand-held boom and powered by a Buff Vagabond Mini. I cannot emphasize how handy this makes the light.

2. Functions as a big speedlight in high-speed mode, great for stop-motion photography.

3. Can be controlled remotely by modestly priced Buff Cybersync, and to lesser extent by dedicated Pocket Wizard. The Cybersync feature is very handy when this light is up high, on a boom or stand, and a tweak to output is needed. Yes, the Cybersync user interface is not the best, but it works well, nonetheless.

I prefer the Cybercomand in the studio and the Pocketwizard TT1/TT5/AC3 and MC2 in the street

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