Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

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Re: Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

Lk400 wrote:

laquila65i wrote:

Lk400 wrote:

Just picked up the EOS M (white) + EF-M 22 + EF-M 15-55 IS. Was released here at 9:30am so I went to "have a look" at it. 15 minutes later - I was saying take my money take my money.

Battery charging now, Ill report back later.

I think that what you did was stupid, but I would probably do the same if sales people in my country wouldn't be so dumb. Still, Canon cameras are a hate/love situation, so I'll wait for a sucker with a bought-it/didn't like it story. He usually wants to get rid of it so quickly, he drops the price to a ground zero. I'll wait for one of these guys...

Hah stupid it was, risky too. I think that the people who this is aimed at will like it, its more fun and involving than a high end P&S (I compare it to a S95), but maybe not as big a step up as the entry SLRs.

I expect this camera to do well, but it will get marked down in reviews for the focussing (at least on the 22mm). I dont feel like its any faster than the pre production one I played with a few weeks back. However, real world shooting, its barely noticeable to me (note - im not shooting kids or sports).

I've changed my mind. I'm buying one too. As much as I'm into the "real photography" stuff, like viewfinders, film-like colors, I have to admit that I really like the Canon look. This camera seems so balanced: the looks, the size, the perfect lens...I'll buy it. Right now, I envy you

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