Does the D3x hold any advantage in performance or usability in comp to D800?

Started Oct 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
PatFahey Regular Member • Posts: 453
I own both -- the answer is YES.

First let me say that I shoot only landscape.

The D800 is lighter and faster, yet often less accurate AF (although I rarely use AF).  The D3x has better color, and nearly the same DR.  The advantage to the D3x is that the color stays perfect as you pull out that DR.  Lifting shadows on the D800 often introduces a subtle color change -- not so much a shift, which would be easy to correct, but more like a channel gain imbalance.

I own and use both.  If I shoot something that I know I will print big (24" x 24"+) I'll use the D800E. But if I am going to print 11x14 and want the highest quality possible, I'll use the D3x every time.

I rarely shoot the D3x hand-held.  It's a tripod only camera for me.  But I'll easily use the D800E hand held.  It clearly has much better high ISO capabilities.

Bottom line, D800(E) -- better all around camera.  D3x -- best color and IQ.

If I could only keep one, it would be the D3x.


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