Is Canon out of touch ?

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SOLUTION / 2nd Curtain w/off camera flash on 5D Mark II / III

Thanks for all the replies and to those who stuck to the facts and were in support.   
To those of you who gave sarcastic, "holier than thou" and negative answers, it does not surprise me.  Well,  at least it was entertaining.  You just might want to know that most professionals that work at the level we do  in fashion and advertising and even weddings  do not use speedlights and certainly never mounted on-camera.       I am not trying to be arrogant,  just stating observed facts.   Of course we knew Canon allows 2nd Curtain with a 580EX II or newer speedlight, as many of you pointed out, "its in the manual"    but Canon  did in fact DROP support for  2nd Curtain at the PC port and hotshoe  for all other (non-Canon)  devices.   That is crap,  and a it was a stupid move on Canon's part - plain and simple.

Regardless of the banter above - we have solved this issue.   Thanks to the folks at Quantum and the Mac Group - and another $300 bucks -  we are able to make the 5D series do what it should be able to do - 2nd curtain with non-Canon branded off camera flash.


If you are using the Quantum  T5d-R (not the Trio or other shoe mounted units) , all you  need is a D-rW QTTL Adaptor (for Canon),  a Houshold plug - to - Stereo Minijack cable and a Pocket Wizard  Plus III  transceiver.   Connecting the QttL Adaptor to the hot shoe,  and enabling the rear curtain switch on the QttL adaptor will fire the T5d-R in second curtain.   Connecting the  household plug - stereo cable to the "in" port on the Plus III  will now fire all external strobes 2nd curtain in sync with the Qflash.    
This is a bit of a joke, because we used to do all this with a Pocket Wizard  MiniTT1 and a PC cable,  but it is what it is... at least it works.

The  combo above will fire anything you have (as long as there are PW receivers or slave ports on your remote lights).

We just tried the setup and works flawlessly.    Leave it to PW and Quantum to fix what Canon screwed up.  
Now if they could just fix the  reversal of the shutter / f-stop control wheels in the custom menus we'd be back to where were were with the old 5D ...and our 1D bodies...

Happy Shooting, 

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