Was V2 design inspired by the Nikon F4 design?

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Re: "Iconic" Nikon SLR

D300SandV1shooter wrote:

ThomasH_always wrote:


Looks like done by technicians without any education or skill in industrial form design or human perception of harmony in shape.


You're right, that gold F is no doubt priceless but F-ugly.

The truly 'iconic' Nikon SLR is the 'pyramid-pentaprism' F as shot by David Hemmings in the 1966 Antonioni film "Blow-Up". Could have revived that, but for the flash fiends

Just wanted make sure that by "done by technicians" I mean the V2, I did not wanted to rattle on a 40 years old classic, designed in another time, in another space.

The F4 was shaped after human hand. It was the very last body without any LCD screen, it has had exchangeable prisms, also as a last of its kind. Later pro-bodies dropped the prism exchange:

F4 with Prism removed. Shows the hand grip profile and top level all mechanical controls.

I think that to compare V2 to this masterpiece is a sacrilege.Totally wrong, but well... Lets set emotions aside, like someone newly said in this forum: "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder..."


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