Any High Speed Sync Flash or ND Photos?

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Re: Any High Speed Sync Flash or ND Photos?

souk1501 wrote:

Thank you for your reply with examples. I can really see the shallow DOF in the first photo. Does the ND filter engage automatically when it is starting to overexposed? If not, now easily is it to engage it? Do you notice any degradation in IQ when using the ND filter? How often would you said you use this feature?

Thank you!

I have the ND filter programed on the Fn button. Ans ISO to the RAW button. Easy to toggle on and off and is very handy. Does not engage automatically. I like to use it in bright light especially for portraits to isolate the subject or a 3D look. Reminds me of the old Kodachrome when large apertures had to be used because of the slow ISO speed. I haven't noticed any degradation in picture quality but have to be aware of camera shake at lower shutter speeds. DR may suffer at ISO 100. Better to use ISO 200 as minimum. And will work with flash too.

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