Other Systems dream of this performance at f/5.6 - but at f/2.0?

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Re: Other Systems dream of this performance at f/5.6 - but at f/2.0?

philosomatographer wrote:

I've been doing some focus calibration testing with the Zuiko Digital 35-100mm f/2.0 on a very difficult subject (a gauzy curtain) and it dawned upon me again how mind-bendingly good the Olympus E-5 and this peerless lens is at capturing fine detail like fabrics without the faintest sign of moire, yet with the lucidity of fine detail that makes it difficult to believe the image was captured by a Beyer-pattern sensor at all. At f/2.0 already, at 100mm, this sensor is soundly out-resolved across the frame with near-perfect contrast levels.

If depth of field is sufficient (say, distant landscape) the image detail you can capture hand-held at f/2.0 already across the frame is perfectly suitable for the most stringent of professional or artistic needs. The only reason to change your aperture is for depth of field, a trait that absolutely no other system's zoom lenses can boast.

Example image here (DPReview rendering will screw up the image for sure). Processed with RawTherapee on Arch Linux.

Moire/Sharpness/Focusing test image

Oh man, I am humbled to be able to use a lens like this to play around with.

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