Upgrading to FF: ?'s about D600 and 5DIII

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Re: AF assist light on D600

I replied to your thread in the Canon forums with a much more detailed because I use both brands, but I've tested the D600 and 5DM3 AF. I found the D600 to track better and acquire better in low light. There were subjects where it was so dark I literally could not see them in the viewfinder until my eyes adjusted a minute later and the D600 could focus on them. For anyone to suggest there is "no contest" between AF is a gross exaggeration going either way. Both are outstanding, and one is not way better than the other.

My experience with the D600's autofocus in extremely low light has been mixed. Sometimes it'll acquire, and sometimes it'll just hunt.

Generally, if ISO 25600 and f/1.4 doesn't give a handholdable shutter speed, the D600's autofocus system won't perform consistently. My older Sony a580 sometimes locks in extremely low light if given a high contrast subject, but often isn't accurate. I don't know about how Canon cameras perform in this kind of light.

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