From NEX-5N to NEX-5R....Huge disappoimtment

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Re: From NEX-5N to NEX-5R....Huge disappoimtment

How long have you been in photography or buying cameras I should say? No offense, but it is very simple. Never "upgrade" to the direct successor, especially if it is a mere 1 yr apart. If you love your 5N so dearly why just trade it in so quickly before trying the new model? It's just pure gearhead.

However I appreciate your honest opinion and not act like a fanboy who tried to hide his bitter feelings, then lie about how latest is always the greatest.

Next time skip a generation or move up to a higher model. You'll appreciate it on the photography side to say the least. For showing off I'd just spend my money on a nice watch instead

I upgraded from the Nex-5 to the Nex-5N and in that case it made me very happy...
It seems to me that the Nex-5R quite simply don't offer the evolution that the step from Nex-5 to Nex-5N offered...

I honestly think it's better to just check the new models out before deciding to buy any of them. No matter if the new model is the direct successor or not.

I'm glad that I didn't go buying the Nex-5R without a little survey first (or the Nex-6 as I planned at first).

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