Moth and hoverflies or something - but what ? (E3)

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Thank You all!

I got as close as it is possible - or maybe somebody could be more precise with greater knowledge over these, but here are my conclusions:

1. The firs set is a hoverfly or flower fly from family syrphid flies. All meaning the same, although there are also hoverflies from other families around.

2. The moth is Cerapteryx graminis  - Antler Moth. Seems to be quite common here in Finland. You gave me hints that were close enough to lead me to this conclusion.

3. The other hoverfly of this series is Syritta pipiens. I have not found an other name for it yet - not in English, not in Finnish.

4. The last one belongs to Cynipoidea -family. One of the largest insect-families - about all small and look quite a lot the same. In Finland and Sweden there are estimated about 1000 different species from that family... or more.

Thank You all! This is a great group to ask questions like this - I have always got some help!

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