Olympus OM-D E-M5 or Sony NEX-7?

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Re: Olympus OM-D E-M5 or Sony NEX-7?

datzent83 wrote:

Guidenet: Thank you very much for the info. You are right about the fact that I am an amateur photographer, but I want and willing to learn how to take sharp and good pictures.

I've uploaded a few photos I took at the zoo when I was there with my family over this past summer. The picture with the flowers came out very good, in my opinion, but the rest are somewhat blurry.

It would be very helpful if someone can guide me in the right direction on how to take pro-like photos.

Thanks to all!

The only one that is very unsharp is the bird in the tree, obviously the focus was on parts of the tree and not the bird. The other ones when blown up from the originals look OK to me, not super-sharp but what you might expect from the shutter speeds and a kit lens. You might also have some smearing due to the JPEG conversion. The picture you liked the best was shot at a higher shutter speed, the other ones were near the limit of being too slow. I would keep the shutter speed at least 1/(3 x focal length). To do better with a new camera like the NEX 7 you would also have to get some better lenses.

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