Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: All current EOS lines have 2nd curtain flash sync available.

Try that with a Quantum Qttl Adaptor or PW Mini TT1 in the Hot Shoe - its not going to happen. And before you say most people use speedlights think again. I only know one guy who insists on using speedlights and he's always looking for batteries or having some kind of issues. Speedlights simply don't work in high dollar high pressure shoots. At least not for us.

In our business we use various combinations of lights to light large sets and complex situations, some times we have a Quantum Qflash on our bracket connected via the hot shoe to a QTTL adaptor - and we also have a Pocketwizard Plus 3 connected to the PC port which fires remote Profoto or Einstein strobes simultaneously with the Qflash We have fired 18 strobes on a street scene - with moving vehicles and it works to perfection. Without external (i.e. non-speedlight) support for  2nd Curtain that shot is impossible.

We tried the 5D series cameras because the IQ is great and they are a lot lighter (and cheaper) than our PhaseOne or 1D bodies.

Why canon removed this most basic capability from the 5D, has us all scratching our heads, but it is a failure, no matter how you slice it.
The POTN and Flickr boards are full of mad photographers, yet Canon does not listen to any of them (or us).

There are no good workarounds for this, well other than to use our 1D bodies or the large format cameras. It simply was something stupid Canon did without considering there are many shooters out there who depend on that function.
I will argue that anyone doing portrait or event photography should be shooting full time in 2nd Curtain - it produces a much more natural light and far more in focus images. We in fact, rarely take our bodies off that mode.

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