So where is the RX1 noise?

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Re: So where is the RX1 noise?

Nothing new.

The latest is an on-hand review posted yesterday but without any new revelation :

and the questions to sony in flicker group where the last couple of questions remain unanswered yet

I just preordered the camera on Amazon, for the fear of not being able to buy it in Istanbul, Turkey if they set the price too high here. Amazon does not reveal any estimated shipping date therefore I am not sure whether I am on time to still benefit from the expected shipmemts on mid December or left to February production as reported by Canadian fellows here.

Anyway, the camera is feature rich, with seemingly excellent IQ and really compact. This is waht was expected for years. Enough to make me buy. I admit accessories are too pricey though. I will probably buy the EVF (not offered on Amazon yet) but hood and thumbrest, no way. Thumbrest does not allow the EVF anyway, 250 bucks for a flake of ordinary metal, sorry. I can buy the case though, again pricey so maybe Luigi or some other producer may offer a better option, therefore no need to hurry.

The idea behind my buying decision is because I want a small, simple camera and fixed lens is fine for me and it will controversially solve me from gear lust for many years. The only dealbreaker would be if there is a technical problem such as it occurred in Fujis like sticky blades etc, very slow operation, again as was experienced by Fuji owners. Etc. I wait for actual reviews, raw samples etc.

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