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Re: Thanks Mods

Pentax_Prime wrote:

Can't say I didn't try to give a friendly warning ... good luck Max, good luck.

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Oh thank you so so much. I really appreciate the heads up, and I wanted to let you know I had bad dreams last night. I dreamt I was arrested for online stocking and was thrown in a mexican prison where I grew old with a bearded man named Manuel. We enjoyed nachos and enchiladas with iced tea, occasionally bribing the guards for some goats milk. I ended up getting out at the tender age of 72 (odd how dreams can move so fast right?), and bought a house in Guatemala, shortly thereafter marrying a woman named Maria.

I still managed to produce 2 children, although I wasn't alive to see the second born. I was buried on the top of our favorite hill (had a FF Pentax K1 in this dream, saweet!) where I had taken many photos, which incidentally sold on stock photo websites and payed for my funeral. After I died I met a tall man in a white robe and we discussed my apparent dislike for excessive obstacles in the light path of a DSLR. I explained to him how extra glass will only degrade IQ, thus justifying my move to pentax.

Of course he agreed, saying he WAS the light, and that his windows at home have no glass in them. Then I woke up. I guess it was a bit more odd than scary but it still left an impression on me. By the way, I talked to DPR reps this morning and they said I am not allowed to mention the word S**y. I don't know how long I can hold out but I am doing my best. Thanks for the warning though, if you hadn't been there I could be in a mexican prison right now.

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