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Re: NEX6 External Mic

You have very few options really, and if you are at all serious about getting good audio your only choice is to move the recording to an external device like a Zoom or Tascam or even your iPhone.

There have been a few other threads about this recently but basically you can get the optional Sony microphone for whichever camera you want (5N, 5R, 6, 7) and that's easy with some drawbacks.  Or if you want better audio you will have to use external.  The complicated third way is to use a Beachtek or Juicedlink premap with AGC kill, since the7 does have an input but it has AGC.  The only way to get clean audio into a DSLR is to get an A99, or something big like a Nikon D4, Canon 5Diii, etc. since those have manual input audio levels and live monitoring as well.

So you will just hear a lot of people say, just get the Sony microphone or you go all out with external recorders.  I use a Rhode mic into an external Zoom and sync in post for my video needs...and only use the internal as a last resort or to pick up environmental sounds.

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