Thinking of switching from M43 to NEX

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Re: You can just buy the Leica 25mm f1.4

LiquidSilver wrote:

On m4/3, it has about the same DOF of the 35mm f1.8 on the NEX, and it also equalize the theoretical noise advantage of Sony APS-C.

If you want to do an equivalence between APS-C and m4/3, simply multiply m4/3 focal and f number for 1.3. If you do it, you equalize even the sensor sizes.

Hey guys, there are really 3 things that effect the image, the lens, the sensor, and the image processor built into the camera. I could make a case for a 4th thing, and that is the 6 inches behind the camera, the guy or gal taking the pictures. I have yet to see a m4/3 sensor match the NEX 5N, the OM comes close but still not quite there.

Equalizing the sensor size does nothing for the difference in pixel size and noise resistance. Bigger pixels are just more resistant to noise. And in the class of cameras we are discussing, it is not a problem until ISO 1600 or so and then the NR programs kick in and detail starts to suffer.

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