Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: A pro?

TKO - well good for you, I guess I should bow to your highness for having more clout with Canon than I do.

Try to shoot a wedding with a Quantum flash (which is 100X better than any speed light) with a 5DII/III - without 2nd Curtain. Try to do a long / multiple exposure or moving vehicle shots without it. Hope you like crappy harsh "flash" shots because that is what we get.

2nd Curtain is an essential feature to anyone who is experienced enough to be able to use it to their advantage. We in fact, never use 1st curtain sync. Search the Flickr and POTN forums there are hundreds of posts whining about this very thing.

Forcing one to use company speedlights to enable a feature - a product which is basically inadeqate and laden with reliability and longetivitiy isses is BS. Shoot with a Quantum or Prophoto porty system once and you will understand what I am talking about.

And removing essential controls for allowing the reversal of the aperture and shutter speed wheels which is standard on the 1D series (and was on the old 5D) - well you try to switch between bodies during chaotic busy events and see how you like it when the controls are reversed - It sucks.

There was no reason for Canon to remove these features. The original 5D had it and it would harm no one to have left them alone.

As for those of you suggesting I read the manual - perhaps you should read my original post !
[we don't use speed lights, nor do most of the people we work with]
This is not a rant, Canon removed features that I and many of my peers use. It is aggravating. We don't use Canon Speedlights, in fact, we have SB900s and use them in Basic Trigger mode when we "have" to use a speedlight because they actually hold up with external powerpacks and recycle fast enough.

There is no reason to throw names around, but I know many of the explorers. In in fact will be meeting with one of them next week. They have the same complaints I do, they just don't make it public.

Ask Gary Fong his opinion on the direction of Canon, he's no longer a sponsored shooter, or an explorer but he's pretty passionate about giving his opinion. And he's right.

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