Nex 6 battery not very good?

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Re: Nex 6 battery not very good?

LiON batteries sometimes need to be "trained" before they will deliver full output. Simple steps:

Use the device until the battery condition indicator shows less than 10% capacity/almost total depletion.

Turn the device "off" and connect it to the charger for at least 12 hours, or at least two hours after the condition indicator shows "fully charged." You might have to repeat this cycle two or three times before the battery will work at full capacity.

In normal use, you should generally let the battery run down to less than 10% capacity before recharging...i.e., they last longer in the long run if you put them through full cycles. Also, my personal experience has been that the batteries last longer if disconnected from the charger after they are replenished as opposed to leaving them on the charger for extended periods, unless the manufacturer of the charger expressly indicates this type of use is accommodated. Some do, particularly the better quality third-party units (look for "idle circuit" in the specs or literature).

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