travel vehicle i can sleep in... photomobile

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Re: travel vehicle i can sleep in... photomobile

beespeckled wrote:

Maybe look for a gently used class B conversion van? Minimal living needs a plus, being able to stand up to move around on those rainy days.

good luck on your photomobile journey

many thanks...

i have a k3500 1995 chev pickup gvw 9200 (single wheel) that has gone thru literally ungodley amounts of heavy wet snow - over 2' snow fall this thing drives on...

i would consider doing a frame off redo of this if it did not get such horrible fuel mielage (5-7 mpg 454 411 gear) and put some sort of light weight camper with popup top with heater...

if i could figure a way to rebuild this truck and get over 18 mpg i would consider it...

it has literally never left me stranded - i have been able to actually drive up thru windrows of snow on curbs and drive thru grassy knolls in over 2 feet of heavy snow to drive around cars stuck and being quickly drifted over ahead of me.... (truck has locking ft and rear diffs...)

.... this would be a great potential photomobile to build on... but the mileage...

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