SX50 no-Lock vs Lock real user video

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Re: that's an unique feature no any rivals of SX50 has it....

jakesan wrote:

I don't understand how they do it.

Me neither, but based on what we have seen in several tests so far, it really works

It can compensate for quite large camera movement, virtually instantaniously.

As when I evaluated all P&S superzoom cameras 2 years ago, and I realized and I posted that what made SX30 the best superzoom unit at that moment, wasn't its lens, AF, software, etc. but ... just its IS. In fact Pany was better in almost everything else... But this is as when you are evaluating a telescope... one brand could be faster, provide more beautiful images, and obtain more keepers at medium distance, but the one a real telescope's user will choose, is that that provides with the better image of the most distant subject possible. Especially if it is cheaper and doesn’t need extra, expensive and obnoxious hardware to do it (as external TC).

IS performance is the feature that overcomes any other for full zoom handheld shots. And 95-98% of normal real P&S users do mainly take photos handheld; we do not use tripods normally.


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